Aug 252010
Time for Small Businesses to invest in Facebook?

Every small business should create a Facebook Place, but only places where people meet their friends (ie. Restaurants, Gyms, Events, etc.) should spend the time and effort to maintain the Place page on a real-time basis.

Oct 062009
Augmented reality will be using Local Search

Today there was a nice article about people using smart phones and integrating local content with the GPS abilities of cell phones. Start looking for “Augmented Reality” as a new buzz phrase. My key point is that all these applications are going to use content that is already developed by Google Local Business or similar [...]

Sep 022009
More Retail Promotions Moving to the Web - Iphones and Yowza

Another blow to the Sunday newspaper. Here in San Diego Rubios Fesh Mex is working with Yowza, A new iPhone app that is a substitue to paper coupons. Rather than fooling with a stack of coupons at checkout, those with an iPhone (or iTouch) simply show a digital coupon and the savings is automatically deducted [...]