Real Estate Advantage


Real Estate Internet SignReal Estate is one of the most competitive industries on the Internet.   Many Realtors have a  static, turn key website that was created years ago, is not found by search engines, and more importantly not generating leads.  Getting leads from Pay Per Click campaigns can work, but  cost over $10 per click in most markets.

Template sites get penalized form Google because of duplicate content of those websites. Google is now smart enough to notice when a bunch of websites all look the same, and it hurts your ranking when your content isn’t unique.  The need for  programmers and graphics designers are minimized in the development of your website today. Now your knowledge of a your local real estate  is the single most important part of a website.

The good news is that real estate is local and fine tuning the Small Business Advantage for Realtors can effectively help you compete in your local area.  There is no magic.  You must use use all the tools of the Guerrilla marketer to build your business.  An effective local real estate effort to developed your Internet Presence will include:

  • BlogsReal Estate Choices
  • Email
  • Email newsletters
  • Internet forums (.e.g., Yelp, Craigslist )
  • Local business listing
  • Search engine listings and optimization
  • Social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, FourSquare and Twitter)
  • Video on Youtube
  • Web directories
  • Websites
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