Tools of the Guerrilla Marketer


The tools listed below are listed in priority order for the first four tools to all retailers. The use of Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter (Social media marketing) depends on the type of business you have. The thing to remember is that if you have a business, people are talking about you and you need to guide that information. Done right, you will gain customers. Ignoring the internet, you may unfairly lose customers due to the reviews or attention a few angry customers or ex employees created on the internet.

Remember, information on the internet does not have to be true and can be easily propagated and viewed. Maintain and develop your presence on the internet and you will be rewarded.

Local Business Listings
If you do nothing else, take control and embellish your Local Business Listing on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is free, it is the most exciting little know free feature of the major search engines like Google. It is like having a free full page ad on Yellow pages and a small TV spot. Right now few businesses are developing their local business listing. Today it is relative easy to get on the first page of local business listings. It may not always be that way. You need to get this done now.

Internet Review Sites
If you have not looked yet, the odds are very high that people are reviewing your business. Hopefully the reviews are favorable. But in general, people are more motivated to take the time to complain that praise a business. You need to motivate and help your satisfied customers review your business. Once a potential customer has found your business on the internet, seeing favorable reviews of your business is the most powerful determinant of getting a call or a visit.

Continually updated Website and/or Blog site
The hardest part of Guerrilla marketing is the continual update to your web or blogsite. This is needed to keep both your human customers coming back to your site and the search engine bots continually crawling your website on a regular basis.

This means that you need to have a website that allows you to do easy updates. If you need to pay a webmaster every time you want to update your website, you do not have the right type of website. Updates need to be easily done, they can be small updates, but 1-3 updates a week will provide you higher search ranking on Google and continually adding content will provide reasons for your customers to revisit your website.

Email / Newsletters
Creating HTML newsletters & emails should always be created to communicate with your customers. They are a greater effort and should be sent from a provider that can track clicks to understand customer interests and effectiveness. Keep your newsletters interesting, short as possible and deliver greater content on your website. HTML communication should always drive customers to your website.

Next to the Local Business Listing, there is no greater friend to local businesses than craigslist. Craigslist is free service that can provide greater value to you than newspapers did in the past. Depending on your type of business, effective use of Craigslist can provide you 25 to 40% of traffic to your website.

Facebook / Twitter
So far for small business, Social Media Marketing applications like Facebook is a hit or miss effort. Effective use of these tools starts with you having a large network to start with. It takes little to start these efforts, but they should be secondary to the other tools listed.

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