Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marekting part of the Small Bussiness Advantage

Guerrilla Marketing part of the Small Business Advantage

As a small business owner today you can  have tools and systems that historically cost more than your annual sales.  Point of Sale, Inventory systems and seamless ordering from vendors of today were mere dreams for fortune 500 companies of 20 years ago.

On the Sales and Marketing side things started to change with the mainstream use of email.  My experience is that small businesses can effectively compete with much larger companies on a world wide basis.  Between the mainstream use of web enabled phones, social media marketing, and all information being found on the internet it is a great time to be a marketer.  An Out of the Box, Guerrilla Marketing orientation  and a few hours a week (or a small advertising budget) can have a dramatic effect.

Most websites of today are at best great places for existing customers to find information about your products and services.  In today’s economy attracting new customers is the only way to build your business.  To grow your business you not only need new customers to increase sales, but you need new customers to offset the probable lower amounts your existing customer will spend.  Most small business are satisfied with a static website that gives an overview of their business.  Using this strategy new potential customers will never find you on the internet, because Google and other Search Engines will not list you on the first or second page of listings with a static website.

90% of local business are not taking advantage of the paradigm shift that has been occurring in the past two years.  If you want your  business to gain the advantage of finding new customers on the internet, call or email us to learn how to take a short cut to the front of the line.

Learn how to:

  • Maintaining their position on the top 10 local businesses
  • Drive customers to their business and website by using  Craigslist, blogs, press releases, and other social media
  • Building email list of present and potential customers
  • Working with other complementary local businesses to create interesting joint promotions

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