My Small Business Advantage


Do your Customers use Internet Search to find Products and Services?

For most people today the first place to look for products is the Web, and 70% of all searches are done on Google. As a local business you have an advantage and can be on the Top of the First Page

  • Google is the new yellow pages when it comes to searching for local businesses.
  • Google reports that millions of people conduct Google Maps searches everyday and they are looking for businesses just like yours!
  • Business listings in the top ten search results get most of the business!
  • Google Local Business Listings (LBL) gives businesses tremendous opportunities to promote their business with photos and video, and so far it is still free! It’s like getting a full page ad in a phone book and/or a free TV commercial.

Learn the Small Business Advantage of leveraging the Internet

  • Use powerful, free tools to get customers aware of your business
  • Print Ads and Yellow Pages are out – People Google 1st and find businesses and products on the Web 2nd
  • Compete effectively with the big boys on the Internet

But Remember – The Web is in constant flux.

You have to keep up with it.  My commitment is to leverage an ever-changing Web, with free or low cost tools, so that we can move to the next platform or media of the day.

Only a few years ago, Twitter was unknown, but today it is the 8th highest ranks site in the United States, YouTube is ranked #1.  Since the beginning of this decade, three very different social networks each have enjoyed the “most popular” status in the social media universe. In 2003, Friendster was the hottest social network, in 2005, it was MySpace. Now, Facebook is being discussed of overtaking Google in terms of members and site traffic. So while the Web is here to stay, don’t get too attached to any one, technology, social media platform or site.

Technologies and communication tools will always be changing and by maximizing the use of new developments, I will keep you in front of  your competitors and provide you My Small Business Advantage.

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