Social Media Development


It is clear that social media has a large influence on Search Ranking. If you Google a service or product, you will find more and more of the links are influenced by social media. You will see local business listings, Google reviews, Facebook citations, Twitter streams and blog posts. Social media can play a large part in the content displayed in the search engine results page and increase the ranking of your website and local business listing.

As a small business, the key is to use social media as one of your efforts and maximize your efficiency implementing your social media strategy to bring new business.

Our services can be anywhere from a quick start where we set up interconnected presence on:

  • Facebook
  • Google Places
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • YouTube

We provide you Free Tools that can allow you to quickly develop your own interactions and content for your interactions.

Complete Outsourcing – If you want to outsource this effort so that you can focus on your  operations, we can drive your social media marketing efforts. This can include:

  • A monthly messaging program to connect with local Twitter and Facebook users and target those located within your business interest radius.
  • Following users and in turn, many will follow back thus creating connections.
  • Publishing information / specials that you provide on a monthly basis, a maximum of 30 messages per month.
  • Installing and monitor Google analytics to track results.
  • Providing reports on social media mentions and activities.
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