Don’t Forget Email Marketing


Email Marketing should be included in your overall marketing plan. Social Media is all the rage, but email marketing is a critical part of building your Internet Presence.   Your success with PPC and SEO will aid building a list of contact addresses that are your long-term marketing gold.

Email Letter

Get Customer Emails to Communicate

Many small business owners get stuck on the first step of creating an effective email marketing campaign—collecting customer email addresses. Some people are uncomfortable asking for such personal information, while other people find it awkward to slip it into the normal business transaction that occurs.

Starting with no emails, many of my clients have build emails list of 1,000s of customers within 6 months.  Breaking down the effort into 6 steps you can quickly build a large list of customer emails.   These steps are:

Email marketing is used extensively by small, medium and large businesses. It is one of the most effective ways of reaching the target market. Most people today use email as an important mode of communication for both personal as well as business use, so they access their email boxes regularly. By sending emails to their active email addresses, you can get their attention.  Email marketing continues to be one of the major marketing strategies for any business.

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