Powerful Free Tools


Google is the start of all great things free on the internet for the Small Local Business.  For the business that wants to gain the advantage of finding new customers on the internet, Google is Tool #1.  With Google you have:

  • Gmail
  • Google Blogger (Your Website)
  • Google Local Listing (Your Yellow Page and TV Ad)
  • Google Alerts (Constantly looking for new relivent information about your business)
  • Google Analytics (Telling you who, why and how many people are interest in you products and services
  • Picasa Web Albums(storing pictures for your website)
  • Youtube (for your TV Ads on your local listing and website)

It is not free but Google Adwords can be an effective kickstart to your Local Internet Presence.  Most small businesses can run an effective Google adwords campaign for under $75.00

Get a Gmail address here

Free Google Tools here

What I provide is the Guerrilla Marketing Best Practices and how to use the above tools effectively so that  new customers find you and either visit or contact your business.

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