About Dave Callender


I have more than 25 years Sales & Marketing experience in the technology sector.  I am a Sales & Marketing Start-up expert. I enjoy working in technology and with small dynamic companies, where my daily effort can show results.

I have discovered that small businesses can now reap the benefit of the changing technology landscape.  I am excited to take what I continue to learn and apply it to local business in my Guerilla Marketing approach to bring small businesses new customers.

My Commitment

Cost effectively helping small businesses is very satisfying to me. I am commitment to finding and providing tools and expertise that can be directly used by my clients.  My commitment to you is easy to use tools that you can use yourself and a Internet Presence with no monthly cost if desired.

My Uniqueness

I am a one stop sales and marketing force for the small business! I have the skill set to do more than develop your website. I can provide a complete effort to market your business on the Internet in a cost effective manner. That effort can include:

  • Sales and Marketing Plans for your business
  • Website and Blog Development based on the WordPress Framework
    • Content development -typically the most time consuming task for website development
    • Internet optimized press releases
    • Internet Link Development
  • Email marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Article and White paper development

I am not the ultimate expert in any of the above areas of expertise, but my power is that by having a good knowledge of the above list, I can, as an individual, provide value that it would take most consultants a small army to equal. My expertise gives a small business the opportunity to market their business within a affordable budget.

I am constantly researching, learning and evolving tools, methods, knowledge and skills. I am never complacent in my approach. I am always looking for new ways of doing things and apply that knowledge to each engagement.

I take the time to learn about your business.

It may sound like a trivial thing, but I pride myself on getting to know to my customers. I am responsive to your emails and phone calls and I am  proactive in communicating with you.

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