Jul 202011

Maintaining a Facebook fan page is a great way for and public figures to maintain a connection and dialogue with the public. Making the fan page easy to find is very important, but it can be difficult with the lengthy URL that Facebook automatically generates for each page. These addresses typically contain long strings of random numbers that no one could remember. Creating a custom URL, also known as a vanity URL, is an easy and convenient solution to this problem.

Go to the Facebook homepage. Log into your account by typing your email address and password into the space provided and clicking the button marked “Login.”

Navigate to your Facebook fan page. Look the fan page over to make sure that you meet the prerequisites for having a custom vanity URL. You need to be an Administrator of the fan page and the page must have a minimum of 25 fans.

Go to the Facebook username menu by single clicking in browser’s address bar to place the cursor in it. Type “facebook.com/username” and click the “Enter” button. Note that you should actually type the word “username.” Do not substitute this with your personal user name.

Review the username menu screen. The screen is divided, with the top half devoted to your personal Facebook page, and the bottom half devoted to the fan pages of which you are an Administrator. Look over the page and familiarize yourself with the layout.

Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL Page

If you have 25 or more Fans get this done!

Click the drop down menu on the bottom half of the screen to retrieve a list of fan pages you administrate. Click on the page for which you wish to create a custom vanity url.

Choose a unique url. Type the address that you would like to use into the box provided as “facebook.com/myname,” replacing the “myname” portion with the actual name you would like to use. Click the “Check Availability” button to confirm that the selection is not already in use by another fan page, then click “Save” to complete the process.

Just remember: names will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Certain exceptions will be made for public figures and trademarked names, but that’s probably not an option unless your name is Madonna

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