Jul 152010
Wrong Review Ratings

Customers seeing wrong review ratings

The greatest asset for a business’s  Local Business Listing is favorable reviews placed on the listing  by satisfied customers.  New customers seeing a poor review rating can drive customers to pass you by and contact your competitors.

Hopefully this will be a short term problem, but you should check your business listing on Google Places.  Hopefully only a few unlucky business owners are having the problem of Google  displaying the opposite star rating of review sites that it imports.

An example is The Paper Place.  Their ratings have been reduced from over 4 out of 5 stars to less than 2 out of 5 stars.

Right Review Ratings

The Real Story - Good Reviews

The real data from the imported review sites are:
13 reviews – average 4 stars
5 reviews – average 4.25 stars
average 3 stars
8 reviews – average 4 stars

The good news is that The Paper Place posted this in the Google Maps Forum and Google’s Joel H states that this is now a problem that Google hopes to fix in the next few weeks.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re working on a fix and hope to get it resolved soon. It will likely be a multiple weeks before it’s resolved.   Thanks for reporting the issue!

Google Employee

So check your Google Places listing to make sure you are not one of the unlucky. All you need to do is search for your business on Google Maps.  Click here http://maps.google.com/ , type in your business name and city, and search for your Google Places listing. Take a minute and make sure your business is not effected.

Tell us if you are experiencing this issue.  If you are we can help mitigate  the issue.

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  • http://www.pendletonhousebnb.com matt vogler

    Actually my url is http://www.riverwalkbnb.com and the problem is that http://www.pendletonhousebnb.com has agoogle listing and my 10 or 11 good reviews from tripadvisor.com are being associated with them… when in fact they only have 4 reviews… therefore they are benefiting from my good reviews.. please tell me what i can do.. thank you

  • http://www.edcallender.com Dave Callender

    Hi Matt – The first thing is to create a Google places listing for your B&B. I could not find one. Google is associating the only B&B it has in Pendleton to this local places.

  • http://www.onceuponabash.com Jaimel

    I’m having the same problem! The star ratings just don’t add up! Somehow our ParentsConnect.com star rating of 5 is transferring over to Google as only a 1! Now our Google Places star rating has plummeted to just under 2, and as a small biz, it is hitting us very hard. Moms pay attention to reviews. And they should….I know I do! I spend a lot on Google Adwords every month and it’s driving me crazy to think that another part of this company is screwing things up for me so badly. No reviews would be better than this rating. The fact that it is completely inaccurate and does not reflect our business only adds salt to the wound.

  • http://www.edcallender.com Dave Callender

    Hi Jaimel – You do have it bad. I looked at your Google Places site. You have great reviews at parentsconnect.com. Get your friends who have gmail accounts to “edit this place” and state that the reviews are wrong. I have done so. I will email you if I get a response from Google. Not sure if it will do any good.

    As a meager solution I would recommend describing the issue in the offer section which is just above the “Reviews from around the web” Telling parents to click on the link. The other is to see if you can contact the “Sales group” at Google for “Google Tags” and see if they can help you. Since most of Google places is automated there is little to no people to interact with.

    Email me if you have any success. – Dave