Jul 072010

At $25.00 per month, paying for Google newest advertising tool Google Tags within Google Places can be a great value.  Several of my clients are starting to use Google Tags and seeing results. Last week I posted a description of what is Google Tags, I thought it would be useful to see a real life example of ways potential customers can see this new Internet Advertising Tool.

I have been working with Rib City Grill in American Fork and have established a great starting point for taking advantage of Google Tags.  The key is that when you search for “Restaurants American Fork” Rib City Grill is on that list (Click here to understand how to get on the Box 7).  If that is established then Google Tags can be leveraged very effectively.

Google Tags for RCG

Good Reviews & a Coupon - How can Customers not find out more

By being on the Box 7 list on the first page of Google searches, a business has a great deal of free exposure to potential customers.  The next step is having the customer first (or only) look at your information on Google Places.  Before Google Tags, having multiple, great reviews was the only key differentiator.  Now with Google Tags, you can differentiate by being the only one (at least right now) with a coupon or promotion.

Google Tag on Google Maps

If a customer is viewing Google Maps, Google Tags are also highlighted and right now with few businesses taking advantage of this new offer from Google you really stand out.  Check out some of the views of  how Google is highlighting Rib City Grill’s use of Google Tags.

Google Places Tag on Map

Customers are going to start looking for the Yellow Tag Coupons

The last view can potentially expand your reach and notice beyond the local map.  In a sea of red pins, customers will start to look for those lonely Yellow Tags with scissors indicating a coupon that saves them money.  And Remember that all these views are also on Google’s applications on smartphones.

Google Places Tag on Google Maps

Customers will be looking for those Yellow Scissor Tags

Take advantage of this new Advertising tool quickly and get ahead of your competitors that are either not in the know, or are slow to move.  But there is a process here.  They are:

  1. Take control of your Local Business Identity
  2. Maximize your presence and get on the Box 7 on Google
  3. Get positive reviews of your business
  4. Start advertising with Google Tags

I can help you with this effort

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