Apr 282010
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Word of Mouth

Leverage Word of Mouth

Many established business do great work, have excellent customer service and have NO REVIEWS on Google or Yahoo. I am not surprised by this. Are you?

What I find surprising is that more companies are not making an effort to get their customers to review their business on the Internet. Positive Reviews have a direct impact on your business.

Online reviews increase sales and customer loyalty. Online Reviews are the most credible form of marketing available, and it is Free.

Google, Yahoo, Bing make reviews and comments about your business as available as your own website. On their own, anyone can write a review of your business. The most motivated reviewer is someone who is unhappy (disgruntled employee, competitor, etc) with your business. You need to invite satisfied customers to write reviews, generate great word of mouth, and put potential negative comments in context. The Internet is the Wild West and you need to be vigilant of your reputation on the Internet.

At a minimum there are two things a small business can do to get positive reviews from their customers:

  • Ask them to write reviews (Sometimes you need to ask multiple times)
  • Make it smoother and easier for them to review you.

Small businesses often know/ask for their customer’s email addresses, now use it to make it easier for the customer to review you. If they have a yahoo email, they already belong to Yahoo; if they have gmail they already have a Google account. Send them a link to the review site of which you know they already belong. When a person goes to review your business on the email service they already use, they are already signed up, so they don’t need to create an account to give you a review. If it is easy for them to give you the review, they will.

Thumbs Up for Reviews

Borat Knows Reviews Work

Still not convinced to put some effort into building reviews on the Internet?   Here are some facts:

  • Review links rank high on Search Engines such as Google
  • People research products and services before buying on the Internet
  • Reviews are the #1 piece of product and service information searched for:
    • Customer Reviews 55%
    • Comparison Charts 22%
    • Expert Reviews 21%
    • Other 2%

Best Review Bang for your Buck

An eMarketing report found that 2-7 reviews can make a potential customer buy or contact a business. Reviews need to be created in the past year to have the greatest impact. This means you need to have at 1-3 positive reviews every 3 months to keep your prospects engaged by reviews of your business.

Think about it. If you are a potential customer looking for a local business to perform a service, and you saw seven firms listed and one firm had a series of great reviews, a well developed business listing, who would you use?

7 Box Google Listing

Who would you click on?

La Costa Upholstery has been working with me for the past 12 months.  Roger Gureczny owner of La Costa Upholstery has made The Small Business Advantage the center of his advertising effort and has new customers calling him on a daily basis. Click on La Costa Upholstery and see what people say about his shop, and get your sofa re-upholstered.

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