Jan 122010
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Keeping up with all this Social Media Marketing can be very time consuming.  I have been liking the articles that Advertising Age has been putting out.  Today I read this article:
Be Honest: What’s Your Real Twitter and Facebooke ROI?There were several good points, but there I found the excerpts below particularly interesting.

“Twitter has just 156 employees. Facebook currently says it has “1,000+” employees — a shockingly tiny work force for a site with 350 million active users. Neither company needs a lot of warm bodies because you and I are doing most of the work: perpetually creating and uploading vast amounts of fresh content that Twitter and Facebook can do with as they please……
In general, if you’re soft-selling something — like content or an idea — that can benefit from free publicity, Facebook and Twitter are your friends……
My Twitter ROI — the return I get on the time I invest in tweeting — feels like it’s worth it. For one thing, because I track in-bound links to my column on Bit.ly, I know that I’ve gotten literally tens of thousands of additional page views to my column and its offshoots, thanks to readers tweeting and retweeting links. So, thank you, Twitter. “

You may not always be getting direct results from your facebook communications but remember that those post are also indexed and searched by our favorite search engine Google.com.  It was also good to see that the author is using Bit.ly .  It is always important to track efforts on the internet and a lot of the tools are free.

Click here for the article in Ad Age

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