Oct 152009

One of my personal passions is riding bicycles. For the past year or so, I have been working weekends at a local bike shop. As a marketer, I started helping them promote their shop and in doing so I developed a lot of my knowledge of using Local Search for retail businesses.

It is clear that my efforts have been helping the bike shop, but the great thing is this week I have been filling in for a friend and client at his Upholstery Shop, while he takes a long deserved vacation. It has been fun being dropped into a new business, but the real gratification is that I am seeing people calling and coming into the upholstery shop who found the business searching on the internet.

Dave doing the real work of Retail?

Dave doing the real work of Retail?

My clients tell me every day that new customers are finding them through our joint efforts on the internet, but I am always one person removed from the activity. Taking over the upholstery shop for a few days is validating the variety of people that use Search as their main way of finding businesses and services.

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