Oct 142009
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TMP Study Reveals Local Search Changing – More People Searching for Product on Internet

Internet Search continues to explode as total number of Searches increases 31% between June 2008 and June 2009 (21.9 billion total searches in June 2009). The main findings of the TMP Directional Marketing survey are:

  • Print media continues to decline in a growing digital marketplace, as consumers reference local business information through alternative methods.
  • Google has developed applications that have overtaken online business directories in both IYP/local and local portal searches.
  • Mobile search continues to experience growth, as more consumers have access to mobile devices with Internet browsers and applications.

This excerpt says it all

Other Key Study Findings
The closer, the better: Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents in 2009 stated that they expect their search results to reveal businesses within 15 miles of their homes or places of work. This statistic is significantly higher compared to 2008 (59 percent) and 2007 (52 percent), proving that consumers expect more relevance in their business searches.

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