Oct 092009

Google is trying an experiment in simplifying how local businesses can use Adwords in San Diego and San Francisco. The big difference is instead of doing a key word auction they get a flat rate for their advertising on Google. The other big feature is that Google is also making available linking a phone # to the Ad so that the business can track the performance of their Ad. That is great news for me as I am working with many small businesses in San Diego Area.

I think this is something that could be great for a lot of small businesses. The only problem I have so far I have not been able to figure out how or where on Google to find this new service on Google – Anyone have any ideas? Is it just for business that are located only in the City of San Diego?  I have been looking but so far the information I have found does not work for me.

If first came across this in a nice article in Ad Age by Michael Learmonth:

Google Lures Local Advertisers by Subverting Its Own Search Policies
Two-City Test Takes on Yellow Pages With New Pricing System, Ad Model

But those companies aren’t Google, which for many people has become the de facto yellow pages as it improves local search relevance. Google believes it could vastly expand the number of local businesses using AdWords by allowing them to easily convert an organic listing into a paid ad for a flat fee.

Max Kalehoff, VP of marketing for Clickable, said Google’s move may address the tendency of local advertises to “churn,” or start a campaign and give up on it for whatever reason. “Some businesses don’t want to do search advertising; they just want to put a dollar in and receive phone calls,” he said.

For the full article click here

I also found this video from Google that says that the place to create / place the Ad is next to the Dashboard and Coupon tabs.  But I did not see this option on any of my San Diego Area  Based Customers

Below is the Google Video about the new service

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