Sep 172009

Bringing Guerrilla Internet Marketing together for Bike Shops – Case Study #3

I thought it would be useful to discuss how all the Guerilla Marketing tools come together for the local bike shop. The example below was for the promotion of a bi-annual bike swap meet.

Bring new Customers to your Shop

Bring new Customers to your Shop

More than 200 people came to the swap meet. People traveled up to 100 miles to participate. Present customers were able to sell old bikes themselves or consign bikes to the shop for the day. For the day (Sunday) sales were up almost 100% compared to the average Sunday during the Fall season. ~50% of the customers that consigned their used bikes to the shop used the cash toward purchasing new bikes over the next 10 days.

Tools used:

Shop Newsletter – Shop has a monthly news letter where the Swap Meet has been highlighted each month. A special short newsletter was sent on the Friday before the Sunday Swap meet. This special newsletter had a 30% increase in opens compared to normal monthly newsletter (38% compared to ~25%)

Consignment Used Bikes – The week before we took in an extra 10 bikes to increase our listing of used bike on Craigslist. Each bike listed on Craigslist had an image Ad discussing the Bike Swap Meet. Traffic from Craigslist for the week before the Swap Meet increase over 300% and equaled the normal traffic to the shop website from Google Search (~1,500 unique visitors).

Craigslist- Listing of a “Free Swap Meet” was promoted in both the local craigslist and the three other surrounding local craigslist areas for two weeks prior to the Swap Meet.

Shop Blog – Increased posts about the shop and new products coming from Trek. Unique visitors to blog were up ~50% for the week and traffic from blog to website increase ~20%.

Facebook – Event was placed on Business page and individual Facebook page over the two weeks prior to the event.

Twitter – Event was “tweeted” from the shop twitter account day before the event and then retweeted to several other twitter accounts – This activity was tracked to ~4000 followers.

Google Analytics – All internet activities were tracked for next day information of what was working and what was not working

This was the third swap meet for the bike shop. Other than the promotion effort outlined above there was no additional advertising money used for the event.

The swap meet continues to be a great event to both drive existing customers to purchase new bikes by selling old and bring new awareness / new customers to the shop. The use of Craigslist was amazing for both the promotion of the swap meet and awareness of the bike shop.

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