Sep 132009

If you are smart, you are getting everyone of your customers names and email addresses.  You want them so you can send them timely information about promotions, sales, events or other information about your business and services.  But that is what you want.  What is the reason that your customers what to give you their email addresses?

It is simple when they want the same thing as you.  That is probably 30-50% of your customer base.  But you want more customers to give you their contact information.  How do you do it?  The answer is simple in the abstract, find something that you will do for them by sending them an email.  Here are some straight forward reasons to ask for emails from your customers:

We will email you when the work is done
We will email you to remind you of your appointment in the future
We will email you your receipt
We will send you a cool newsletter every month
We can email you a PDF of the form you are asking for
Give us your email and we will send you the information you want

I think you get the idea. The point is ask for emails and tell them why they should want to

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