Sep 132009

OK – You have taken the time and you have a great website for your bike shop.  It has great information about your products, services, technical information and events.  But how do you show your passion or expertise for cycling.  The answer is your blog.  A bike shop blog can be fun, build your reputation both locally & afar, and most importantly bring more customers to your website and shop.

Here is an example.  At El Camino Bike Shop their blog both highlights the shops interest in 29er mountain bikes and the expertise of one of its owners, Will Schillenger (Otherwise know as 29er guy).  The blog gets about approximately 40 to 60% of the traffic of the shops main website, and by linking product information from the blog to the store website drives traffic to the store. El Camino Bike Shop has seen customers out of their normal geographic region call and make the trip to El Camino Bike Shop to purchase products because of their blog.

El Camino Bike Shop website
El Camino Bike Shop Blog

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