Jun 072009

Dave’s cheat sheet for blogging

OK, I have set up your blog, quickly gone over the work I have done and your head is spinning.

I have put together this email so that you can have the key documentation that you will need to Post on your blog site. I have linked the info in the Google Blogger Help that I think that you will need.

I have listed it in the priority that you should use. Start with just making text posts, then progress to putting in links and pictures. If you create posts I can access them and edit/ put in links and posts.

Please give me feedback if this is helpful in your efforts to be self sufficient in posting.

Step 1 – Posting Help – You should do this first and get good at it.

What is a URL?

What is a post?

How do I post to my blog?

How do I edit what I’ve written?

How do I delete a post?

How do I label my posts?

How do I make a link to another webpage?

How do I post pictures?

How do I delete a photo I have uploaded to my blog?

How do I edit my profile?

This is a nice overview. But has more info that what I selected above

Getting Started Guide

Step 2 – Video from YouTube or your own – This is more advanced, but you are capable

How do I post a video to my blog from YouTube?

How do I post audio/music to my blog?

Step 3 – Changing the look of the Blog – This is advanced. Do it with caution.

Layout Guide


Troubleshooting picture upload problems

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